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KnowledgeBases > The School Improvement KnowledgeBase

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires states, districts, and schools receiving federal funds to improve the academic achievement of all the students they serve, and close the achievement gap between and among particular racial and ethnic groups of these students identified in the law.

The MC3 School Improvement KnowledgeBase is an information resource aimed at helping states, districts, and schools receiving Title I funds to fulfill the Act's requirements and improve their students' academic achievement. The KnowledgeBase is a broad-based outline of key ideas and resources to guide state, district, or school leaders in achieving the goals of NCLB.

The contents of this website were developed under a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Education. The information presented on this website is intended for general reference purposes only, and information/linked content is not necessarily endorsed by the Mid-Continent Comprehensive Center or the U.S. Department of Education. Some resources on this site require Adobe Acrobat Reader.