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KnowledgeBases > Sample Letter of Support

Grant Applicant Street Address City, State, Zip Code

Collaborator Collaborator's Contact Person Address 1 Address 2 City, State, Zip Code


Dear (Funder's Contact Person):


As a (parent/local business owner/head of PTA/etc.), I would like to express my (strong) support for (Grant Project Title).


This project is important to me/my business/organization/community specifically because (Explain reasons for support).


(Applicant Organization) is an (integral/important) part of (Community). (Explain need for program/grant. This should be a paragraph or two in length. Information may be pulled from your needs assessment.).


I am (extremely) grateful for the opportunity that (Funder) is providing with this grant, and I again strongly recommend the awarding of this grant to (Grant Applicant). If I may be of any other assistance, please contact me at (contact information).






Dr. Wanda Riesz, Director, Grant Writing & Resource Development. Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis, IN.

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